About Me


I'm Candice Henderson, a local self-taught Artist and founder of Art and More 811. I'm a Southern California native, whose service in the U.S. Army allowed me to travel the country and abroad, before finally landing me in Augusta, Georgia, where I met my husband and set down roots.

I picked up a paintbrush for the first time in 2008, inspired first, to create art to decorate my home with art that reflected my life, culture, and style.

When I started my natural hair journey, I looked for Art and images that depicted the bold outlook of natural hair rocking, beautiful women, and vibrant colors to decorate my my home. I wanted to see Art and decor that reflected my culture and aesthetic. When I couldn’t find what I  was looking for, I created Art with abstract and vibrant Afro-centric images that I could identify with.

After receiving requests for paintings from friends and family, I began to sell my art by word of mouth, online in my former Etsy Shop, and at local markets. I decided to create Art and More 811 as a platform to share my art through canvas prints, chic home décor, fashion, mugs, and more, with fellow art lovers, and those looking for unique art reflected in their daily lives.               

My vision for the brand is to be a one-stop shop that offers other women like me who are proud of their heritage and their hair, a selection of products they can literally see themselves in.  

My goal is to offer a variety of culturally smart, natural hair inspired Art and products that will help to empower women and girls to embrace their magic and add some bold vibrant representative Art to their lives!

Please take a look around, browse, shop, or contact me. I can't wait to hear from you!